Hi Maadhavi Ma’am,
I’m Satya from Hyderabad, I watched Interview with TV9, really hats off to you mam, the way you were talking, so confident and happy! It brings a lot of energy to fans like me. You look amazing and gorgeous. During Interview Mr. Ralph Sharma Sir said you are the role model for women and we all totally agree. It was great pleasure seeing you after so many years.
We are really waiting for you to start 2nd innings in movies! we are so happy seeing your Interview and also knowing that you are well settled in USA with a lovely family and Kids. But we miss you and your acting.
God Bless you and your family..
Your Fan,

Letter 44

Dear madam..
Hello Madam ,my name is Rakesh from Chennai. I am your great & Die Hard Fan, love all your movies especially RAJA PARVAI, in that movie you have acted equal to Kamal Hassan Sir, & I have NO WORDS to say about that film & your acting.. Hats off to you ma’am, AWESOME… I don’t have words to express… My best wishes to you & your Family…
Yours lovingly,

Letter 29

How are you? My name Daniel and I live in Canada.  I met my Indian friends today after 30 years.  Most of the conversation was about you and your beautiful eyes and the wonderful movies that you have acted. Have a blessed life. Say hello to all at home.

Letter 45

Hello madam,
How are you ?
Last week I saw your marvellous acting in the Movie Tik. Tik.. Tik..
That Bharatnatyam dance you did was amazing! And I felt really sad that I was not born during your cinema acting career period!! Your Eyes… Floored me… Probably I am as old your children, I shouldn’t say this, but Forgive me, they are simply Mesmerizing…From yesterday I became your die hard fan ma’am.
With Regards,

Letter 30

Dear Ma’am,
Its a great pleasure for me to write this e-mail to you and hope that it reaches you among the thousands of other people who write to you. I am from Chennai and a huge fan of yours. I grew up watching a lot of your movies. I watched “Thillu mullu” when I was in my 8th std for the first time and trust me, I watched it again and again for you. You are so very beautiful!
I am working now and every time my mom wants me to get married, I escape from her by asking her to find a girl who looks exactly like you. Thanks for saving my bachelorhood as my mom is never going to succeed! Thanks for your amazing acting and films.

Letter 46

Dear Maadhavi Mam,
I would like to say that I am one of your fans living in Bangalore. More that my younger sister resembles you to some extent (at least 80%) you are always remembered in our family. Your acting was quite adorable and very casual. May god give you long life and peace.

Letter 31

Respected Madam,
First of all I am very happy to know you are not only a successful & a wonderful actress but also lovely mother to three very cute children!
1. Your dedication and contribution to society through Indian cinema media is incredible!
you worked with great directors in India.
2. You worked with almost all great directors of Indian cinema & your co stars are all legends of Indian cinema.
3. You are a real true legendary actress of indian cinema!
4. You are a source of inspiration to all upcoming actresses as well as all mothers.
5. The way you dedicated your life to family after enjoying such stardom is simply admirable!
6. The way you brought up your children with utmost love and affection is exemplary.
May god bless you with good health & long life madam.
Naga Raju

Letter 47

Hi Mam,
How are you?  I liked your movies and I recently saw your interview in TV9
Anveshana. You still are looking so good and your daughters are so cute…
We are looking forward to your comeback to the Film Industry!
Warm Regards

Letter 32

Hello Madhavi Garu,
Firstly, it is so good to go through your web site, felt like I had a chance to meet my family member. I recently saw TV9 Anveshana program, I was glad that they found you…One of the best episodes for Anveshana, was You! Your family, the happiness in your eyes when you were talking about your three princesses was amazing, simply superb!
No wonder film industry is missing you… we definitely want you back… you elder daughter is just like you… I wish she could come into movies to replace you and your acting which we are missing. Continue to have a happy and blessed life you are gifted with!
Take care,

Letter 48

I remained your fan. Seen many of your Hindi movies. I still think of you as the most beautiful and talented actress of your time! Wish you and your family a happy new year.

Letter 33

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