Hi Maadhavi ma’am,
I’m an 20 years youngster from Chennai. I watched many of your films. Especially with Kamal Haasan. Your acting skills are amazing! The dances you performed are mind blowing. Even in this era, youngsters like me are loving you. You are a great role model for a perfect actress. Great dancing and acting skills, glamour with dignity, performance, the style you kept for a long time are unique. I never ever seen this uniqueness with the other actress of your era! In My favourite films like marocharithra, thambikku endha ooru, and some telugu and Hindi movies ( especially agnipath) are some of your great performances. We never forget you! We miss you so much dear Madhavi. Love you lot!

Letter 39

Hi Maadhavi madam,
I’m really very happy to know about your charitable trust… I feel proud to be your fan ma’am. May God bless you and give you a long and healthy life to continue this wonderful service. You are great! Wish you and your family a very happy new year ma’am.
Your fan,

Letter 24

Namaskaram Madam
I am your fan, basically from chennai settled in Hyderabad. I have seen your films Raja Parvai, Thambiku entha ooru -kkaki chattai in which your acting was wonderful! Finally your last movie in telugu, mathrudevo bhava was mind boggling performance!!! No one can or has occupied your place since your left the industry.
All the best Madam.

Letter 40

Hi ma’am,
When I was browsing online about old Hindi film stars, all of sudden, surprisingly I found your personal site. You are a really amazing actress, with a great reputation in the GOLDEN PERIOD of the Hindi film industry. Can’t believe you are settled in NJ, I have seen most of your movies, like Qaidi, with Jeetendam who use to be one of the best dancers of those days.

Letter 25

Dear Ms. Maadhavi,
Recently I saw a video of your song with Dr. Rajkumar.
It moved me tears! It was a beautiful and a haunting song. You look lovely and stole my heart (I am 68!).
I wish you and your family all happiness.

Letter 41

Dear Madhavi Garu…
I wish you a very happy new year!!!  Such a great initiative you have taken by establishing this charitable foundation. Your daughters are right, the social media platform does great help in reaching out to people. This kind of work should reach the people and it should serve it’s purpose. As always my wishes and my support in any form will be there with you and the foundation…
Loads of love,

Letter 26

Hi Ma’am,
Recently I saw your movie intlo ramayya …. and I loved it. You were looking gorgeous!! You have breath taking eyes and I instantly became your fan. Your chemistry with Chiranjeevi just worked brilliantly.
I searched for your latest interviews on youtube and found tv9 anveshana! Am very happy to know that you are blissfully married and blessed with 3  beautiful daughters. Your eldest daughter Tiffany is a stunning beauty! I am hoping to see her shine on silver screen one day. My parents are huge fans of yours and they both conveyed their love. Would love to see you again on big screen and possibly alongside chiranjeevi again! Thanks for sharing your email and staying connected with your fans! Love u n my best wishes to ur 3 little angels…

Letter 42

Hi Ma’am,
I have watched many Malayalam and Tamil movies of yours. Your acting was superb! I am a great femfight lover. Your fight scenes in HELLO MADRAS GIRL, CITY ROWDY & SANCHALANAM, dominated the male fighters like a boss. Well done madam!!!

Letter 27

Madhavi garu,
My mom’s name is also madhavi ,she is a fan of yours, sings your songs well. Your mathrudevobhava movie, madhavi garu, such an epic movie! Your acting is evergreen, whenever I am upset or deeply disturbed, I watch that movie, it sheds of all the pain inside, thank you for acting in it for us.

Letter 43

Dear Madhavi

My name is Karthi and I am from Madras and currently live in NH. I have been a fan of yrs as I grew up watching Rajaparvai and other classic movies.
Would always wonder where you were and recently saw your interview in YouTube. Very happy to hear that you came under the guidance of Swami Rama. Have read his books and loved his message.
I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your performances a lot. RaajaParvai to me was dignfied yet very classy stylish performance. I always thought there was something about you that was different and reading that you were spiritual from start now realise where your strength came from.
Wishing you, your husband and your daughters a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.


Letter 12

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