Hello Madhavi garu,

I am your big fan. Very frankly I have not seen too many Telugu movies (not even now) but I remember your performances and your charm on the big screen in the few movies of your that I have seen.

My dad was a professor of Mathematics at Tirupati and I belong to a family of super-achievers. I was brought up beleiving that watching movies wastes time, creates bad influences and obstructs studies. And …I beleived it too.

What I remember of your acting is from 2 years before my 10th..in a relatively unknown movie called “kukka kaatuku cheppu debba”. I did not see the movie, actually. But couple of may family members who did told me about the phenomenal presence of this charming actress called Madhavi. the comments were like ‘she is so beautiful and charming’, ‘great presence on screen’ etc.,

I went away to study at Puttaparthi and practically never watched movies for about 8 years.

Anthu leni kadha, khaidi and chattaniki kallu levu are your best movies..

All the best in new innings !

Siva K

Letter 18

Hi Mam..

I am very happy that i got ur mail ID from wiki.

This mail is just to inform u that “we all miss u ” mam…

Your movies like Kaildi, Intlo Ramaiah Veedhilo Krishnaiah, Matrudevobhava…are awesome even now we are seeing those excellent movie..

My last desire is to see u on screen with chiru….

Anyhow I wish u & ur family ..good luck in future…

Thanks & Best Regards
Bharat Kumar

Letter 3

Hi Madhavi,

I came across your website when I googled your name. I’ve been a great fan of yours since I was a kid and one of my all time favorite movies is Raja Parvai. I must have watched it atleast a hundred times now and can never get sick of watching the movie. Another favorite is tik tik tik 🙂

I read a few years ago that you were settled in Jersey, but there was no way to get in touch or know more about your whereabouts back then. But now, thanks to the internet and more and more people becoming internet savvy, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon your website. Nice work!

Good to know that you are happily settled and have three children. Thats awesome! I saw your wedding pictures on your website and you guys make a wonderful couple 🙂

I wish you all the happiness in the world. God bless!


Letter 19

Dear Madhavi gaaru,

Namaskaramulu! I just had an opportunity to visit your website and would like to thank you for sharing your life with many of your fans.

I grew up watching your movies in 80’s and 90’s and considered you as a beautiful actress. The last movie I watched of yours before I left India was Mathuradevobava and your role in that movie was enchanting.

It feels good to know you are settled well and happy in your life. Thanks for all those beautiful memories.

Wishing you and your family all the best!

A star struck fan!

Letter 4

Hello Madam,


My first and only Madhavi movie in a theatre was ‘HAALU JENU’, that I watched 4 times in Bangalore. 4 times is a lot for a person who used to get to movies once a year if everything goes well.

Considering that I had so little pocket money, I managed to save just enough for the ticket, steal my father’s bicycle, ride a few kilometres, made sure I could watch the movie and headed back home as thought nothing happened or something like I had been to see a friend. The huge Poster of Dr Raj Kumar with roses in his hand stayed for ever at the theatres, as it seemed. This is something, I am sure doesn’t happen often these days.

Two main reasons for watching the movie – 1.Madhavi 2.Songs. Decades have passed and am living continents away. Madhavi still is & will always remain a  refreshing memory.

Thanks for the memories



Letter 20

Hello Maadhavi mam,

This is Kiran from Germany. I am a big fan of your acting and dancing skills. I like ur movies Malaya marutha, haalu jenu, aakasmika n so many other movies from kannada. I haven’t watched ur other language movies yet..After watching ur performance in these movies, I m willing to watch other language movies of yours. The best thing I like in ur acting is, u portray everything from ur eyes. I am happy to write this email, n I was waiting since so many years to express my gratitude. Happy to see so many  good pictures of urs on ur website. Eagerly waiting for ur return to the film industry.

–Kiran Badriprasad

Letter 5

Hi Mam,

I ‘m one of your fans. I happen to visit your website & that’s how i got your email. I adore your beauty in the movies ‘tik tik tik’ & ‘raja parvai’. I ‘m not sure how often you happen to see the current music channels that air the songs from your movies. They are extremely pleasing.

Hope you are busy & well settled with your family. Do plan for a comeback & show your presence to tamil movie industry. Please do consider it as a request from this generation.

Thanks for your patience. Do reply if time permits


Letter 21

Respected Madam,
I am your Die hard FAN from  Chennai, India.
Your acting in films very great during those years.
I just got your address from your website.

I am very happy to know that you are well settled in USA.
I would like to meet your goodself in future and get an autograph signed from you.

I am from Chennai and so in future, if possible would meet you when you are in India or when i come on a business trip to USA, would try to meet you.
Thanks for your valuable time.  If time permits please reply me, as i will be really gifted to get an reply from person of your calibre.

Your sincere FAN,

Letter 6

Dear Madam,

I really didn’t know how to address this mail to you, so I ve begun with MADAM !!! So kindly bear with me.

First let me tell about myself. I am Anand, 22 years old, doing my Masters in Mechanical Engg., Hiroshima Univ, Japan. I did my Bachelors from Anna Univ, Chennai. I am a movie crazy person, like most Indians !!! And I have watched many Malayalam and Tamil movies of yours.

I was watching Thillu Mullu ( for the 12876193th time probably)  with a friend of mine and we began discussing about you. The discussion was going on and on and on and the crux of it was that, he said he was a great fan of you and was really crazy about you. He also told me that you have acted ONLY with Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan in Tamil movies! I was shocked. So immediately I hit the internet and checked it out.

WOWOWOWOW is simply not the word to express my awe.! You have acted only with the greatest of the greatest stars in the film world. I know you are a great star yourself, but I was really wondering how you could make this happen! Right from the beginning of your career you have had projects with super stars (ONLY super stars).

How did you make it possible to choose the best partners in early stages of your career? Indian film world is majorly HERO centric and you sure have created a  special zone for yourself. Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, etc….. YOU REALLY ROCK Ma’m !!!

I have watched three malayalam movies too. The mother character who dies for her kids, was the BEST I have ever seen. And an other one who used a few boys (including Babu Anthony) to take revenge on those people who had troubled her in the past, wow! As for Tamil, I have watched many, almost all I think.

Sorry to have bothered you with such a loooong mail (Actually I have so much more to say), but I shall stop here. It is with all heart that I am writing this to you.  Please do reply, if you find time.!!

Thanks and Regards,
Anand B N
Hiroshima, Japan

Letter 22

Hi Madhavi,

I am from Chennai. I am your fan and watched lot of your movies……especially the ones where you co-stared with Rajni and Kamal.

Even today I watched Raaja Paarvai and this movie was released in 1981 and it is still fresh. Both you and Kamal have a wonderful chemistry in the movie.

To tell you honestly ….as compared to today’s heroines…..you are stunningly beautiful…..your eyes speak a lot….I finally got your email ID from your personal website…thanks to technology

Looking forward to hear from you…..


Letter 7

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