Dear Madam,

I really didn’t know how to address this mail to you, so I ve begun with MADAM !!! So kindly bear with me.

First let me tell about myself. I am Anand, 22 years old, doing my Masters in Mechanical Engg., Hiroshima Univ, Japan. I did my Bachelors from Anna Univ, Chennai. I am a movie crazy person, like most Indians !!! And I have watched many Malayalam and Tamil movies of yours.

I was watching Thillu Mullu ( for the 12876193th time probably)  with a friend of mine and we began discussing about you. The discussion was going on and on and on and the crux of it was that, he said he was a great fan of you and was really crazy about you. He also told me that you have acted ONLY with Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan in Tamil movies! I was shocked. So immediately I hit the internet and checked it out.

WOWOWOWOW is simply not the word to express my awe.! You have acted only with the greatest of the greatest stars in the film world. I know you are a great star yourself, but I was really wondering how you could make this happen! Right from the beginning of your career you have had projects with super stars (ONLY super stars).

How did you make it possible to choose the best partners in early stages of your career? Indian film world is majorly HERO centric and you sure have created a  special zone for yourself. Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, etc….. YOU REALLY ROCK Ma’m !!!

I have watched three malayalam movies too. The mother character who dies for her kids, was the BEST I have ever seen. And an other one who used a few boys (including Babu Anthony) to take revenge on those people who had troubled her in the past, wow! As for Tamil, I have watched many, almost all I think.

Sorry to have bothered you with such a loooong mail (Actually I have so much more to say), but I shall stop here. It is with all heart that I am writing this to you.  Please do reply, if you find time.!!

Thanks and Regards,
Anand B N
Hiroshima, Japan

Letter 22

Hi Madhavi,

I am from Chennai. I am your fan and watched lot of your movies……especially the ones where you co-stared with Rajni and Kamal.

Even today I watched Raaja Paarvai and this movie was released in 1981 and it is still fresh. Both you and Kamal have a wonderful chemistry in the movie.

To tell you honestly ….as compared to today’s heroines… are stunningly beautiful…..your eyes speak a lot….I finally got your email ID from your personal website…thanks to technology

Looking forward to hear from you…..


Letter 7

Good morning mam,

I happened to watch “Maro Charithra” and was mesmerized with your performance. Had been watching many movies of yours but never knew you had an online presence.It gives me immense pleasure writing to you.Your presence in Indian Cinema is cherish-able and unforgettable.

Praying for a prosperous life to you and your family.

Stanley M.

Letter 23

Dear Ms. Madhavi,


By chance got to see your website and was excited to write to you. Needless to say I was a fan of yours during my schooling / college days. Very glad to read about your association with Swami Rama. Although am not a disciple but being spiritual in nature have read his Living with Himalayan Master and for sure was floored over it.

I am a professional and living overseas for over 20 yrs but with strong family connections in Chennai/ Hyderabad.

I always felt you were very pretty, talented and dignified actor in the Tamil cinema. I distinctly remember two movies one with Rajnikant (Thillumullu) and another with Kamalhasan. You had done a remarkable work and handled the role with poise and cuteness and never allowed the heavy weight heroes to dominate and eclipse you.

Glad you are well settled with family but hope to see the talent on screen soon.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Letter 8

Dear Madhaviji,
Hope you are doing great and hope my email is reaching great actress Maadhavi.  I am Saraswathy currently residing in Fargo, North Dakota.
I happen to be your big fan. I am from Karnataka and I have seen all of  your movies.
Especially the one’s that you acted with Dr. Rajkumar. My most favorite are your roles in Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma and Anuraga Aralithu consisting of very strong, independent and dignified roles. Your poise, expressions especially with your beautiful eyes captures our attention.  You always made a great pair with Dr.Rajkumar in movies.


Letter 9

Dear Madam,

How are you? Hope you are doing good. I am from tamilnadu.
a fan of yours ( especially of your eyes…) actually no one in indian cinema
till date has such a wonder full eyes …very expressive madam…no words!!!
whenever I saw your movie or song I get carried away by it…saw your web
page its also nice convey my regards to your family thanks for reading god bless



Letter 10

Hello again Maadhavi madam;

So happy to see ur email. U are an amazing person, honestly. I thank u for taking time in sending me an email despite of your busy schedule. I have so much love and respect for you!!

I am very happy to know that u are having a wonderful life – after all the hard work for so many year, u deserve to have a peaceful life now. Thank you for all the entertainment you have provided us all .. esp to the Kannada industry! Its so sad that we cannot enjoy such good movies in the present age – such wonderful movies don’t exist anymore! I hope to see u on screen again someday. U miss working and ur fan and we fans miss u very much too!!! 🙂 There can never be another Maadhavi! 🙂 Hats off!

Lots of love to you and ur family.

Warm Rgds, 

Letter 11

Dear Madhavi

My name is Karthi and I am from Madras and currently live in NH. I have been a fan of yrs as I grew up watching Rajaparvai and other classic movies.
Would always wonder where you were and recently saw your interview in YouTube. Very happy to hear that you came under the guidance of Swami Rama. Have read his books and loved his message.
I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your performances a lot. RaajaParvai to me was dignfied yet very classy stylish performance. I always thought there was something about you that was different and reading that you were spiritual from start now realise where your strength came from.
Wishing you, your husband and your daughters a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.


Letter 12

Hi Madhaviji,

First of all I would like to tell you that I love your acting, personality and I do believe that you are spiritually advanced by looking at your eyes.

Wish you and your family all the success and happiness in the world.

Best Regards


Letter 13

Dear Mam,

Was watching the song – in youtube
Poo Malarndhida – Tik Tik Tik 
I am from the younger generation. Even now this song attracts us.

I like this song very much. You and Kamal sir has done great acting madam.

You are one of the greatest heroine at that time !!!!!!!!!!!!


Fan from the younger generation

Letter 14

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