Dear Madhaviji,
Hope you are doing great and hope my email is reaching great actress Maadhavi.  I am Saraswathy currently residing in Fargo, North Dakota.
I happen to be your big fan. I am from Karnataka and I have seen all of  your movies.
Especially the one’s that you acted with Dr. Rajkumar. My most favorite are your roles in Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma and Anuraga Aralithu consisting of very strong, independent and dignified roles. Your poise, expressions especially with your beautiful eyes captures our attention.  You always made a great pair with Dr.Rajkumar in movies.


Letter 9

Dear Madam,

How are you? Hope you are doing good. I am from tamilnadu.
a fan of yours ( especially of your eyes…) actually no one in indian cinema
till date has such a wonder full eyes …very expressive madam…no words!!!
whenever I saw your movie or song I get carried away by it…saw your web
page its also nice convey my regards to your family thanks for reading god bless



Letter 10

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