Hi Madhavi,

I am from Chennai. I am your fan and watched lot of your movies……especially the ones where you co-stared with Rajni and Kamal.

Even today I watched Raaja Paarvai and this movie was released in 1981 and it is still fresh. Both you and Kamal have a wonderful chemistry in the movie.

To tell you honestly ….as compared to today’s heroines…..you are stunningly beautiful…..your eyes speak a lot….I finally got your email ID from your personal website…thanks to technology

Looking forward to hear from you…..


Letter 7

Good morning mam,

I happened to watch “Maro Charithra” and was mesmerized with your performance. Had been watching many movies of yours but never knew you had an online presence.It gives me immense pleasure writing to you.Your presence in Indian Cinema is cherish-able and unforgettable.

Praying for a prosperous life to you and your family.

Stanley M.

Letter 23

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