Hello Maadhavi mam,

This is Kiran from Germany. I am a big fan of your acting and dancing skills. I like ur movies Malaya marutha, haalu jenu, aakasmika n so many other movies from kannada. I haven’t watched ur other language movies yet..After watching ur performance in these movies, I m willing to watch other language movies of yours. The best thing I like in ur acting is, u portray everything from ur eyes. I am happy to write this email, n I was waiting since so many years to express my gratitude. Happy to see so many¬† good pictures of urs on ur website. Eagerly waiting for ur return to the film industry.

–Kiran Badriprasad

Letter 5

Hi Mam,

I ‘m one of your fans. I happen to visit your website & that’s how i got your email. I adore your beauty in the movies ‘tik tik tik’ & ‘raja parvai’. I ‘m not sure how often you happen to see the current music channels that air the songs from your movies. They are extremely pleasing.

Hope you are busy & well settled with your family. Do plan for a comeback & show your presence to tamil movie industry. Please do consider it as a request from this generation.

Thanks for your patience. Do reply if time permits


Letter 21

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