Dear Madhavi mam,

Good Morning 🙂

Thanks a million to your website which has your Email-id. Normal people can message you. Wow…

We love you so much! We love your beauty, style, acting!!

I saw your recent interview on YouTube. You are looking simply rocking!!!

Women like you are the inspiration for us. I love strong women.

I don’t know how to express my feeling………..!

Take care

Letter 2

Hello Madhavi garu,

I am your big fan. Very frankly I have not seen too many Telugu movies (not even now) but I remember your performances and your charm on the big screen in the few movies of your that I have seen.

My dad was a professor of Mathematics at Tirupati and I belong to a family of super-achievers. I was brought up beleiving that watching movies wastes time, creates bad influences and obstructs studies. And …I beleived it too.

What I remember of your acting is from 2 years before my a relatively unknown movie called “kukka kaatuku cheppu debba”. I did not see the movie, actually. But couple of may family members who did told me about the phenomenal presence of this charming actress called Madhavi. the comments were like ‘she is so beautiful and charming’, ‘great presence on screen’ etc.,

I went away to study at Puttaparthi and practically never watched movies for about 8 years.

Anthu leni kadha, khaidi and chattaniki kallu levu are your best movies..

All the best in new innings !

Siva K

Letter 18

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