Dear Madhavi gaaru,

Namaskaramulu! I just had an opportunity to visit your website and would like to thank you for sharing your life with many of your fans.

I grew up watching your movies in 80’s and 90’s and considered you as a beautiful actress. The last movie I watched of yours before I left India was Mathuradevobava and your role in that movie was enchanting.

It feels good to know you are settled well and happy in your life. Thanks for all those beautiful memories.

Wishing you and your family all the best!

A star struck fan!

Letter 4

Hello Madam,


My first and only Madhavi movie in a theatre was ‘HAALU JENU’, that I watched 4 times in Bangalore. 4 times is a lot for a person who used to get to movies once a year if everything goes well.

Considering that I had so little pocket money, I managed to save just enough for the ticket, steal my father’s bicycle, ride a few kilometres, made sure I could watch the movie and headed back home as thought nothing happened or something like I had been to see a friend. The huge Poster of Dr Raj Kumar with roses in his hand stayed for ever at the theatres, as it seemed. This is something, I am sure doesn’t happen often these days.

Two main reasons for watching the movie – 1.Madhavi 2.Songs. Decades have passed and am living continents away. Madhavi still is & will always remain a  refreshing memory.

Thanks for the memories



Letter 20

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