Maadhavi Interviewed by Her Three Daughters

Tiffany - Why are you doing this?

Maadhavi - One of the first things your father and I spoke about even before we got married, was that doing charity will be a part of our married life. We both were spiritual from a very young age, and giving and sharing have always been important to us. We derived more satisfaction in giving than taking. God had been kind to us and we are showing our gratitude by helping others. We have been doing it all these years and thanks to your suggestion, we are taking it off to the next level. 

Evelyn - Do you miss acting?

Maadhavi - Yes, I do miss acting, and the whole fascinating process of bringing a character to life. It’s almost like a director just gives you a black and white sketch of their vision, and as an actor you first have to understand it, color it, and give the extra finishing touches that even they did not visualize. It is hard work but, very rewarding and satisfying.

Tiffany - Tell us about married life and motherhood.

Maadhavi - Wow, married life and motherhood was all that I dreamed of, imagined, and more! I had always been a loner in my life. But, when I married your father it was like finding what I had been searching for all along. A true friend, an extension of you, who will walk with you all the way to the end, no matter what! Motherhood was the most profound experience I have had so far in this life! It was such a magical moment when I held you and your sisters in my arms for the first time! Your father and I are ever grateful to God for blessing us with not one, but three angels! The most important aspect of motherhood is that you are leaving a legacy for your children to carry on into the future! What I teach you three (good or bad) you will teach the same to your kids and so on! As a mother, I am still in awe of the beauty of seeing my children growing up to be so kind and compassionate!

Priscilla - How do you think money can be used to help others?

Maadhavi - Money is one of the several instruments that gives the ability to help others around the world. I respect it for what it’s worth, because what we take with us are the blessings of the good deeds we do in this life, not money in itself, and what we leave behind are also the blessings of the good deeds we do! So blessings are our real bank balance!

Evelyn - Why do you always emphasize on giving?

Maadhavi - Giving is much more rewarding than taking. My spiritual teacher, Swami Rama, told me that the law of nature is that what you take you have to give back tenfold. What you give comes back to you not ten, not hundred but a thousand fold! But, there is a catch! One must give without expecting anything in return. 

Tiffany - Are you nervous about getting back into the spotlight?

Maadhavi - Very much. After leading such a private, peaceful, and a content life for 22 years, it is going to be a little uncomfortable. But it is the intention which makes the difference. My intention is pure, to genuinely help and reach out to people. And to achieve that, I may have to sacrifice my privacy a little. If something good comes out of it, then it’s worth it.

Priscilla - You have been married for almost 22 years, what is the secret of your happy marriage?

Maadhavi - Respect, love, and understanding! Your father and I became a team as soon as we got married. So there is no you and I, it’s us! I had learnt a lot from your Dad. He is kind, gentle, soft spoken, simple, down to earth, yet also a strong, confident, principled, and spiritual soul. Though we have different personalities (he is steady, I am impulsive, he is non-judgmental and I speak my mind) our goals are the same. These past 22 years went by like a flash! I am indebted to Swami Rama for arranging our marriage and blessing us with this beautiful life!

Evelyn - We love your cooking, where did you learn to cook?

Maadhavi - As I was working from a very young age, I never had the time or the opportunity to learn anything about cooking or managing a house. I started dancing at the age of five and became an actress at thirteen! When I got married and moved to the USA, it was a learning curve for me. I had to teach myself everything. And as you are all foodies, I had to up my game to live up to your expectations. 

Tiffany - What does leading a spiritual life mean?

Maadhavi - My understanding is that living a spiritual life is leading a simple life, sharing God’s blessings with others, and keeping your intentions pure. I am only answerable to God and myself. Respect and be kind to others. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. Don’t cheat or lie. Put in your best effort to everything you do and even if you fail, hey, you gave it your all! Treat success and failure the same, because in the aftermath of both, you learn valuable lessons.

Priscilla - You are so principled, why?

Maadhavi - Principles are very essential to a successful and a happy life. One needs to understand the boundaries of decency. I am constantly analyzing, questioning, correcting, and challenging myself to do the right thing irrespective of the consequences. One needs self respect to even have the capability to respect others.

Evelyn- You have already achieved so much, what more do you wish to achieve?

Maadhavi - There is so much to learn, share, and experience! I am thirsty for knowledge! I want to travel and see the world, meet interesting people, learn new crafts, play musical instruments, and see this charity grow to help and reach as many people as possible.

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