Hello Madhavi garu,
I am one of your greatest fans! I am 21yrs old and do not watch many movies. But one day I watched Khaidi and it’s awesome!! I loved your acting from then onwards, I watched all your Telugu movies on youtube. You look sooo natural like next door girl. You are so natural, superb, elegant, with sharp features & an excellent actress!!! My mom and all aunts love your movies. Hopefully you come back soon & act again.
Thank you.

Letter 52

Hi Maadhavi ma’am,
I was very very happy to see your personal website… I like your acting so much and it is a treat to see all your photographs and to know about your personal life too! I wish you to do more movies! Please consider acting again.
Your best fan forever….
Thank you,

Letter 51

Hi Madhavi,
This is Pavan and I am 31 years old. I am a big fan of yours ever since I saw your song (Gorinka Koosindi) in Khaidi with Chiranjeevi. You look so beautiful in that song and there is not a single day that I miss watching this song. Fortunately I have seen your recent interview in youtube and I am very glad to see you well settled in United States and happy to know about you and your growth and I am very inspired by how confident you are.
Just wanted to write a letter as a huge fan of yours. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter and all the best for your future!
Sincerely Yours,

Letter 50

Hello Madam,
I cannot tell how much i adore you on screen, ever since I was a little boy of probably 6 I admired your acting. There is something in your eyes, that is so intense and pulling…. I am 25 now and I still remember all your movies, roles and work. I was talking to a friend today describing how much I like you and I just came home and surfed the internet to glance at your pics and see your old interviews. That is  when i accidentally stumbled upon your website. Thanks a lot madam for being my childhood on screen crush! I hope Indian Cinema will be seeing you back soon.
With Loads of Love from India and me in particular,

Letter 49

Hello Madhavi Garu,
Firstly, it is so good to go through your web site, felt like I had a chance to meet my family member. I recently saw TV9 Anveshana program, I was glad that they found you…One of the best episodes for Anveshana, was You! Your family, the happiness in your eyes when you were talking about your three princesses was amazing, simply superb!
No wonder film industry is missing you… we definitely want you back… you elder daughter is just like you… I wish she could come into movies to replace you and your acting which we are missing. Continue to have a happy and blessed life you are gifted with!
Take care,

Letter 48

Respected Madam,
First of all I am very happy to know you are not only a successful & a wonderful actress but also lovely mother to three very cute children!
1. Your dedication and contribution to society through Indian cinema media is incredible!
you worked with great directors in India.
2. You worked with almost all great directors of Indian cinema & your co stars are all legends of Indian cinema.
3. You are a real true legendary actress of indian cinema!
4. You are a source of inspiration to all upcoming actresses as well as all mothers.
5. The way you dedicated your life to family after enjoying such stardom is simply admirable!
6. The way you brought up your children with utmost love and affection is exemplary.
May god bless you with good health & long life madam.
Naga Raju

Letter 47

Dear Ma’am,
Its a great pleasure for me to write this e-mail to you and hope that it reaches you among the thousands of other people who write to you. I am from Chennai and a huge fan of yours. I grew up watching a lot of your movies. I watched “Thillu mullu” when I was in my 8th std for the first time and trust me, I watched it again and again for you. You are so very beautiful!
I am working now and every time my mom wants me to get married, I escape from her by asking her to find a girl who looks exactly like you. Thanks for saving my bachelorhood as my mom is never going to succeed! Thanks for your amazing acting and films.

Letter 46

How are you? My name Daniel and I live in Canada.  I met my Indian friends today after 30 years.  Most of the conversation was about you and your beautiful eyes and the wonderful movies that you have acted. Have a blessed life. Say hello to all at home.

Letter 45

Hi Maadhavi Ma’am,
I’m Satya from Hyderabad, I watched Interview with TV9, really hats off to you mam, the way you were talking, so confident and happy! It brings a lot of energy to fans like me. You look amazing and gorgeous. During Interview Mr. Ralph Sharma Sir said you are the role model for women and we all totally agree. It was great pleasure seeing you after so many years.
We are really waiting for you to start 2nd innings in movies! we are so happy seeing your Interview and also knowing that you are well settled in USA with a lovely family and Kids. But we miss you and your acting.
God Bless you and your family..
Your Fan,

Letter 44

Madhavi garu,
My mom’s name is also madhavi ,she is a fan of yours, sings your songs well. Your mathrudevobhava movie, madhavi garu, such an epic movie! Your acting is evergreen, whenever I am upset or deeply disturbed, I watch that movie, it sheds of all the pain inside, thank you for acting in it for us.

Letter 43

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