Hi Ma’am,
Recently I saw your movie intlo ramayya …. and I loved it. You were looking gorgeous!! You have breath taking eyes and I instantly became your fan. Your chemistry with Chiranjeevi just worked brilliantly.
I searched for your latest interviews on youtube and found tv9 anveshana! Am very happy to know that you are blissfully married and blessed with 3  beautiful daughters. Your eldest daughter Tiffany is a stunning beauty! I am hoping to see her shine on silver screen one day. My parents are huge fans of yours and they both conveyed their love. Would love to see you again on big screen and possibly alongside chiranjeevi again! Thanks for sharing your email and staying connected with your fans! Love u n my best wishes to ur 3 little angels…

Letter 42

Dear Ms. Maadhavi,
Recently I saw a video of your song with Dr. Rajkumar.
It moved me tears! It was a beautiful and a haunting song. You look lovely and stole my heart (I am 68!).
I wish you and your family all happiness.

Letter 41

Namaskaram Madam
I am your fan, basically from chennai settled in Hyderabad. I have seen your films Raja Parvai, Thambiku entha ooru -kkaki chattai in which your acting was wonderful! Finally your last movie in telugu, mathrudevo bhava was mind boggling performance!!! No one can or has occupied your place since your left the industry.
All the best Madam.

Letter 40

Hi Maadhavi ma’am,
I’m an 20 years youngster from Chennai. I watched many of your films. Especially with Kamal Haasan. Your acting skills are amazing! The dances you performed are mind blowing. Even in this era, youngsters like me are loving you. You are a great role model for a perfect actress. Great dancing and acting skills, glamour with dignity, performance, the style you kept for a long time are unique. I never ever seen this uniqueness with the other actress of your era! In My favourite films like marocharithra, thambikku endha ooru, and some telugu and Hindi movies ( especially agnipath) are some of your great performances. We never forget you! We miss you so much dear Madhavi. Love you lot!

Letter 39

My Childhood Crush and Beautiful Soul,
I visited your website and loved it! I had always been smitten by your enchanting expressive eyes, beautiful smile and charming personality which always made me watch your films in Hindi, Tamil & Kannada.
My Mom’s side is KONKANI/KANNADA & DAD’s side is TAMIL. Hence, I have watched most of your HINDI, KANNADA & TAMIL films in mid 80s. And that’s how I fell in love with you during my childhood. In fact, I wept when you died in Andhaa Kanoon & Hallu Jenu and after seeing the character you portrayed in EK DUJE K LIYE. I feel very blessed to say that you worked with all my favorite & legendary actors like Mr. Bachchan, Mr. Haasan & Dr Rajkumar.
However, after reading about your marriage and leading a blissful life with your family, I feel very happy and elated for you and still love you from my heart as your fan. I really adore the era ( i say golden) as really good films were made.
You will always be in my prayers to live happy and peaceful life hereon. May the Divine shower you many joyful and loving moments with your family!
Your Well Wisher

Letter 38

Dear Smt Madhavi,
We are from Kerala. Me and my wife, very frequently see the movie, Aaakasadhooth.  We always feel that you are a part of our family & live with us. Our daughter is pregnant now and wish that she delivers a girl child. We wish to name the new born after you. Our love and respect for you.
Ramesh & Meena

Letter 37

You are so lucky to have three beautiful girls. We wish to see them in films.😃

Letter 36

Respectful Mrs. Madhavi,
I was watching your film Thambiku Yendha Ooru. I was not even born that time. I usually like 80’s collection of movies. I am fan of Rajini Khanth too. But I felt so happy watching that movie again yesterday. I felt some legendary soul is hidden within you. You have the sceptre of woman’s divine heritage. I simply want to say you are great in that movie. I wish that god’s grace will stay with you forever.

Letter 35

Dear Mrs. Madhavi,
I don’t know where to begin, I never thought of writing to a film star whether that person belongs to yesteryears or the present. But somewhere deep in my heart you always had a special place especially I remain an admirer of sensible, soulful movies of 80’s and 90’s. It has had great influence on me – my thoughts, emotions and general outlook.  I know you from those Malayalam movies notably Akashadoothu and Oru Vadakkan Veera Gadha. Your fabulous acting made me an admirer of yours. As you may agree with me, you just gave life to those characters and you made it memorable through your acting. I am from Kerala.
I sometimes live in the past. It gives me lot of comfort in this fast moving world now.  We can’t have a present without a past..isn’t it? For many of us the past is leading light to the present. Whenever I come across your face in TV I keep searching for your present status, your whereabouts and about your life in general. There is a missing feeling. May be the missing feeling is due to the nearness I made with those characters you gave life to. You like great artists are missing now in the cultural spectrum in India. It is great to know that you are leading an accomplished life along with your family. If time permits please do act and make your presence felt in our minds. Let there be renewed communication with your admirers and audience.  Me like people who sometimes live in the past would cherish that. As we grow old we go back to our roots..isn’t it? God bless you and your family.
Thanks & Best Regards,

Letter 34

I remained your fan. Seen many of your Hindi movies. I still think of you as the most beautiful and talented actress of your time! Wish you and your family a happy new year.

Letter 33

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