Letter 1

Hi Maadhavi,

It came as a surprise to me that you have and maintain a website, and I am able to mail you! You know, it is quite interesting how one thing leads to another, and often takes you to things that was never even dreamed about sometime ago.

To me, you and Mr. Mammootty were and still are the personifications of royals in South India, about whom I have heard many stories and legends. I have heard many descriptions, read many details and seen many pictures depicting them, and you two were the closest that ever came to those imaginations. In that sense, you give life to something that I can never see, simply because they are from another age. Yes, when it comes to the royalties of that part of India, you are the princess of my imaginations. So, thank you very much.

I really liked your website. Lots of info and photo’s !
You have not only managed a successful film career, but also moved on and is in a family life with kids! And that too a multicultural one! I see that you are into business now. Congratulations!

Well, I wish you happiness in your life.