Letter 20

Hello Madam,


My first and only Madhavi movie in a theatre was ‘HAALU JENU’, that I watched 4 times in Bangalore. 4 times is a lot for a person who used to get to movies once a year if everything goes well.

Considering that I had so little pocket money, I managed to save just enough for the ticket, steal my father’s bicycle, ride a few kilometres, made sure I could watch the movie and headed back home as thought nothing happened or something like I had been to see a friend. The huge Poster of Dr Raj Kumar with roses in his hand stayed for ever at the theatres, as it seemed. This is something, I am sure doesn’t happen often these days.

Two main reasons for watching the movie – 1.Madhavi 2.Songs. Decades have passed and am living continents away. Madhavi still is & will always remain a  refreshing memory.

Thanks for the memories