Letter 22

Dear Madam,

I really didn’t know how to address this mail to you, so I ve begun with MADAM !!! So kindly bear with me.

First let me tell about myself. I am Anand, 22 years old, doing my Masters in Mechanical Engg., Hiroshima Univ, Japan. I did my Bachelors from Anna Univ, Chennai. I am a movie crazy person, like most Indians !!! And I have watched many Malayalam and Tamil movies of yours.

I was watching Thillu Mullu ( for the 12876193th time probably)  with a friend of mine and we began discussing about you. The discussion was going on and on and on and the crux of it was that, he said he was a great fan of you and was really crazy about you. He also told me that you have acted ONLY with Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan in Tamil movies! I was shocked. So immediately I hit the internet and checked it out.

WOWOWOWOW is simply not the word to express my awe.! You have acted only with the greatest of the greatest stars in the film world. I know you are a great star yourself, but I was really wondering how you could make this happen! Right from the beginning of your career you have had projects with super stars (ONLY super stars).

How did you make it possible to choose the best partners in early stages of your career? Indian film world is majorly HERO centric and you sure have created a  special zone for yourself. Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, etc….. YOU REALLY ROCK Ma’m !!!

I have watched three malayalam movies too. The mother character who dies for her kids, was the BEST I have ever seen. And an other one who used a few boys (including Babu Anthony) to take revenge on those people who had troubled her in the past, wow! As for Tamil, I have watched many, almost all I think.

Sorry to have bothered you with such a loooong mail (Actually I have so much more to say), but I shall stop here. It is with all heart that I am writing this to you.  Please do reply, if you find time.!!

Thanks and Regards,
Anand B N
Hiroshima, Japan