Letter 8

Dear Ms. Madhavi,


By chance got to see your website and was excited to write to you. Needless to say I was a fan of yours during my schooling / college days. Very glad to read about your association with Swami Rama. Although am not a disciple but being spiritual in nature have read his Living with Himalayan Master and for sure was floored over it.

I am a professional and living overseas for over 20 yrs but with strong family connections in Chennai/ Hyderabad.

I always felt you were very pretty, talented and dignified actor in the Tamil cinema. I distinctly remember two movies one with Rajnikant (Thillumullu) and another with Kamalhasan. You had done a remarkable work and handled the role with poise and cuteness and never allowed the heavy weight heroes to dominate and eclipse you.

Glad you are well settled with family but hope to see the talent on screen soon.

Thanks & Best Regards,